Site launched!

Today the first version of the website was made available to the general public. DANEtools offers several online tools to help you verify your DANE setup (DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities, more info on our about page). It also contains information to help find your way in the forest of terminology that surrounds encryption and security on the internet.

In the near future more tools will be added and the site will be constantly improved. DANEtools strives to become a useful and trustworthy partner in implementing DANE and to help make the internet a better / safer place.

Security and privacy on the internet are more important than ever and there are more attempts than ever to break security measures. Important security protocols like TLS (and its predecessor SSL) are constantly under attack to find vulnerabilities, e.g. Heartbleed and POODLE. A lot of internet technology was designed decades ago, when security wasn’t an issue and no one could foresee how important the internet would become. Improvements to those technologies are made constantly but a balance must be found between security / reliability and user friendliness. DANE is one such attempt to tighten security with end users hardly (if at all) noticing that it is there.

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